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Mission & Goals

World Data System for Cold and Arid Regions(CARD) is a new scientific data sharing system which is established on the basis of the former World Data Center for Glaciology and Geocryology, Lanzhou and other data centers hosted by Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences. World Data System for Cold and Arid Regions is one of the constituents of World Data System. The data sharing system's main goals are to collect, manage and store the scientific data of Cold and Arid Regions area in China and provide the services for the scientific research of Cold and Arid Regions.

Specific tasks include:

1) Insist for a long time to collect and organize the scientific data of cold and arid regions. It mainly includes the scientific data of cryosphere (glacier, snow, frozen soil), deserts and desertification, continental river basin in arid region and the critical scientific data set of land surface process in cold and arid regions.

2) Insist and practice the "Full and Open" scientific data sharing policy, however, adopt the flexible procedures of application and approval in specific data. In this way, we can make the data used widely in the maximum extent, but also protect the rights of the producer or provider of data.

3) Pay attention to the importance of protection of data intellectual property,and advocate the publishing of scientific data.Attract users to register and share data in this center.Advocate the peer to review data so that we can improve data quality.Encourage users to reference the data itself so that they can actively provide the feedback about the use of data.

4) Improve and perfect the functions of the World Data System for Cold and Arid Regions(WDSCAR) constantly.It is necessary to facilitate the submission of the data results about the large-scale research plans and individual scientist's data register.Besides, it is also necessary to facilitate the application,use and the offer of feedback for users.