Mann-Kendall Trend Test
  • Category: Deterministic Change Analysis
  • Development language: Python
  • Operating platform / Operating system: Linux\Windows
  • Compilation tools and environment: Python3
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  • Citation:

    Hussain et al., (2019). pyMannKendall: a python package for non parametric Mann Kendall family of trend tests.. Journal of Open Source Software, 4(39), 1556,

  • Method description:
  • The Mann-Kendall Trend Test is used to analyze data collected over time for consistently increasing or decreasing trends (monotonic) in Y values. It is a non-parametric test, which means it works for all distributions (i.e. your data doesn’t have to meet the assumption of normality), but your data should have no serial correlation. This package also include some revised version of Mann-Kendall method.

    Installation: need python environment;

    Input: time series data

    Output: trend, intercept, significance;

    Depends: numpy,scipy

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    • 安装方式:安装python