A list of Cenozoic plant fossils in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau (2019-2020)

The data include the Cenozoic plant fossils collected from Gansu, Qinghai and Yunnan by the Department of paleontology, School of Geological Sciences and mineral resources, Lanzhou University from 2019 to 2020. All the fossils were collected by the team members in the field and processed in the laboratory by conventional fossil restoration methods and cuticle experiment methods. The fossils are basically well preserved, some of which are horned The study of these plant fossils is helpful to understand the Cenozoic paleoenvironment, paleoclimate, paleogeographic changes and vegetation features of the eastern Qinghai Tibet Plateau.

0 2021-01-13

Field exploration dataset of the central, eastern and southern Qinghai-Xizang Plateau geology

The Yarlung Zangbo suture zone and its neighbouring areas are crucial for the research of the evolution of Neo-Tethys. The earliest evidence of the formation of Neo-Tethys remains to be discovered and the sequence of the basin evolution in many areas, such as the eastern and western Xizang, is far from well established. The limits in stratigraphy and sedimentology have greatly restricted the investigation of the evolution of Neo-Tethys as well as the collision between Indian-Eurasian plates. This exploration team conducted a joint investigation on the Mesozoic strata in some key areas in eastern, central, and southern Xizang, with emphasis on their stratigraphy, palaeontology, and sedimentology, to retrieve potential stratigraphic and sedimentary evidence of the opening, evolution, and retreat of the Neo-Tethys in the region. This dataset is a collection of the exploration, which includes diaries and photos of the strata, geological structure, profiles, and fossils that have been collected in the above-mentioned areas. It consists of three items. The explored strata include the Jurassic-Cretaceous in Luolong and Basu counties, eastern Xizang, in Renbu and Lang counties, central Xizang, and the radiolarite strata in Ngari.

0 2020-12-29