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Inventory data of glacial lake in west China (2015)

This data set is based on China's second inventory data, Landsat series optical image data with a spatial resolution of 30 meters and cloud coverage of less than 10% and SRTM and other data using ArcGIS, ENVI, Google Earth and other processing software and extracting the glacial lake boundary within 10 km of the glacier boundary by artificial visual interpretation. In addition, the data set adds attributes such as glacial lake type, the mountain range, the province, and the basin to the data as well as quality checking and accuracy verification for the interpreted data. The spatial resolution is 30 meters. It consists of two parts: the glacial lake distribution area vector file and the Inventory Data set of glacial lakes in west China in 2015. It can provide reference data for glacial lake-glacier coupling, water resource utilization and management in west China and can also be used as basic data for regional climate change and cryospheric studies.