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Inventory dataset of glacial lakes in Himachal Pradesh, India (2004)

This glacial lake inventory receives joint support from the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) and United Nations Environment Programme/Regional Resource Centre, Asia and the Pacific (UNEP/RRC-AP). 5. This glacial lake inventory referred to Landsat 4/5 (MSS and TM), SPOT(XS), IRS-1C/1D(LISS-III) and other remote sensing data. It reflects the current situation of glacial lakes with areas larger than 0.01 km2 in 2004. 6. Glacial Lake Inventory Coverage: Yamuna basin, Ravi basin, Chenab basin, Satluj River Basin and others. 7. The Glacial Lake Inventory includes glacial lake inventory, glacial lake type, glacial lake width, glacial lake orientation, glacial lake length from the glacier and other attributes. 8. Projection parameter: Projection: Albers Equal Area Conic Ellipsoid: WGS 84 Datum: WGS 1984 False easting: 0.0000000 False northing: 0.0000000 Central meridian: 82° 30’E Central parallel: 0° 0’ N Latitude of first parallel: 20° N Latitude of second parallel: 35° N For a detailed data description, please refer to the data file and report.