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Integrated remote sensing experiment of Heihe River: ENVISAT AATSR remote sensing data set

Advanced along orbit scanning radiometer (AATSR) is an advanced tracking scanning radiometer sensor mounted on the European Space Agency ENVISAT satellite. It is one of many high-precision and stable infrared radiometers for retrieving sea surface temperature (SST). Its accuracy can reach 0.3k, and it can also be used to record meteorological data. AATSR is a multi-channel imaging radiometer. Its main goal is to provide global ocean surface temperature with high accuracy and stability for monitoring the earth's climate change. At present, there are 38 ENVISAT AATSR images in Heihe River Basin. The acquisition time is 2008-05-17 (2 scenes), 2008-05-27 (2 scenes), 2008-05-30 (2 scenes), 2008-06-02 (2 scenes), 2008-06-12 (2 scenes), 2008-06-15 (2 scenes), 2008-06-18 (2 scenes), 2008-06-21 (2 scenes), 2008-07-04 (2 scenes), 2008-07-072008-07-102008-07-172008-07-202008-07-232008-07-262008-08-022008-08-052008-08-082008 -08-11,2008-08-14,2008-08-21,2008-08-24,2008-08-27,2008-08-30,2008-09-06,2008-09-12,2008-09-15,2008-09-18,2008-09-25。 The product level is L1B, which has been corrected by radiation but not by geometry. The ENVISAT AATSR remote sensing data set of Heihe comprehensive remote sensing joint test was obtained through the China EU "dragon plan" project (Project No.: 5322) (see the data use statement for details).