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SRAP AOD dataset of Asia (2002-2011)

The “China Collection 1.0" aerosol optical depth (AOD) data set was produced using visible light wave remote sensing inversion. The raw data come from the MODIS sensors on Terra and Aqua. The temporal coverage of the data is from 2002 to 2011, the temporal resolution is daily, the spatial coverage is the Asian continent, and the spatial resolution is 0.1°. The remote sensing inversion method uses the independently developed SRAP algorithm to invert the aerosol optical depth over the land. The algorithm takes the BRDF characteristics of the surface into consideration, which makes it applicable to aerosol optical depth inversion on bright and dark surfaces. In addition, aerosol products over the ocean of MOD04/MYD04 are superimposed. The verification of the measured site shows that the relative deviation of the aerosol optical depth data in Asia is within 20%. The data are stored as an hdf file each day, each consisting of Terra AOD and Aqua AOD at 550 nm.