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HiWATER: Multi-scale observation experiment on land surface temperature-dataset of component temperature in the down of Heihe River Basin (Thermal infrared radiometer) (2014-2016)

This dataset includes component temperatures measured by the thermal infrared (TIR) radiometers at the Mixed Forest and Sidaoqiao stations between 22 July, 2014 and 19 July, 2016. The Mixed Forest (101.1335 °E, 41.9903 °N, 874 m.a.s.l.) and Sidaoqiao (101.1374 °E, 42.0012 °N, 873 m.a.s.l.) stations were located in the downstream of the Heihe River basin, Dalaihubu Town, Ejin Banner, Inner Mongolia. At the Mixed Forest station, two TIR radiometers (SI-111, Apogee Instruments Inc., USA) connected to a data logger (CR800, Campbell Scientific Inc., USA) measured component temperatures of the sunlit canopy and shaded canopy. TIR radiometers were mounted horizontally at 5 m height on iron rods just south and north of a tree and pointed to its canopy. The distance from the sensor to the canopy was ~1 m. At the Sidaoqiao station, two SI-111 TIR radiometers connected to a CR800 data logger measured component temperatures of the soil and shrub. The first sensor pointed from 2 m height under a viewing zenith angle of 45° to bare soil; the second sensor was mounted at 1-m height and pointed horizontally into the shrub canopy.