HiWATER: 0.5m WorldView-2DOM data production in Dayekou watershed on May, 2012

Trough the select tasking, we obtained the WorldView-2 stereo image data in Dayekou Watershed production in mid-May 2012. In the same year from July to August, 27 GPS ground control points (GCP) and checkpoints were measured based on the watershed differential GPS control network. Based on the full-field GCPs, the rational polynomial coefficients (RPC) files of WorldView-2 images were corrected in the digital photogrammetry software system. In the stereo model, 60 high-precision tie points evenly distributed were got through image matching technology, and the 1-m and 2-m resolution digital elevation model (DEM) were rapid extracted. Based on collinearity equations, images at nadir were corrected to adjust relief displacements and geometric errors, and the 0.5-m resolution digital orthorectified images DOM were obtained with the principle of digital differential rectification in Dayekou Basin.

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