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Land use change in the midstream of Heihe River Basin

According to the statistical yearbook, different types of land use change areas in the middle reaches of China since liberation were collected and sorted out.


Data of land use types in Zhangye National Wetland Park (2012)

1. Overview of data Based on the Google earth image data in 2012, the land use types of wetland parks were vectorized by visual interpretation method, which provided the data basis for wetland ecosystem service assessment. 2. Data content Land use types include wetland, farmland (corn, vegetables, wheat), water area, forest land, construction land, bare land, etc. Scale: 1: 50,000; Coordinate system: WGS84; Data type: vector polygon; Storage format: Dbf/Shp/Jpeg 3. Space-time range Coverage: Zhangye National Wetland Park; Total area: 46.02 square kilometers.


Resources and environment of the Zhangye (2001-2012)

Part of the data of resources and environment in Zhangye City from 2001 to 2012, including: per capita cultivated land area, per capita forest land area, per capita grassland area, forest coverage, land productivity, unused land occupation rate