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National Tibetan Plateau Data Center Reported on GEWEX Quarterly

The National Tibetan Plateau Data Center (TPDC) is one of a first group of 20 national data centers approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China in 2019. It possesses the most comprehensive scientific data on the Tibetan Plateau and surrounding regions of any data center in China. Recently, the work of TPDC was the subject of a report in GEWEX Quarterly, the newsletter of the Global Energy and Water Exchanges (GEWEX) project under WCRP (World Climate Research Programme).

TPDC promotes Third Pole Earth system sciences by integrating and sharing Third Pole data resources, particularly those obtained through the implementation of the Second Tibetan Plateau Scientific Expedition and Research (STEP) program, a national key program initiated in August 2017 and led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

TPDC provides online and offline data download services according to TPDC Data Sharing Protocol with bilingual of Chinese and English ( The center has already shared more than 1,900 datasets, covering geography, atmospheric science, cryospheric science, hydrology, ecology, geology, geophysics, natural resource science, social economy, and other fields. It has more than 31,600 registered users by now. TPDC complies with the principle of “Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR)”, and has adopted a series of measures to protect the rights of intellectual property by giving credit to data providers.

TPDC has continuously strengthened cooperation with various international programs and projects related to the Third Pole research. The Third Pole Environment (TPE) is an international program for interdisciplinary study of the Third Pole region and beyond. TPDC is responsible for maintaining data sharing platform for TPE. TPDC is also strengthening cooperation with GEWEX. Some frequently used GEWEX datasets have already been released by TPDC. At the same time, TPDC supports GEWEX in enhancing access to water-energy related observation data, and data sharing over broader high mountain regions. In the future, TPDC will continue to strengthen the cooperation with other international programs and projects. It aims to become a reliable in-situ, remote sensing and model output data repository for global Third Pole research.

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