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National Natural Science Foundation of China (No: 91125004)

HiWATER: Dataset of the spectral reflectance in the middle reaches of the Heihe River Basin

This dataset contains the spectra of white cloth and black cloth obtained in the simultaneous time during the airborn remote sensing which supports the airboren data preprocessing as CASI, SASI and TASI , and the spetra of the typical targets in the middle reaches of the Heihe River Basin.

Instruments: SVC-HR1024 from IRSA, ASD Field Spec 3 from CEODE, Reference board
Measurement method: th...

HiWATER: Dataset of GPS radiosonde sounding observations in the middle and upper reaches of the Heihe River Basin in 2012

The dataset generated from the radiosonde observations in middle basin of Heihe River during 2012. The instrument type are RS92-SGP (Vaisala inc., Finland) or CF-06-A (Changfeng Micro-Electroinics, CHINA). Radiosondes were released during aerospace experiment, such as CASI/SAI, TASI, WIDAS sensors. Atmospheric parameters: pressure, temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and wind direction are ...

HiWATER: Dataset of surface temperature and albedo on village roof in the middle reaches of the Heihe River Basin

A land surface temperature and upward/downward shortwave radiation observation system was set up on the roof, which locate on the edge of No.4 eddy covariance system (EC4) of the MUlti-Scale Observation EXperiment on Evapotranspiration over heterogeneous land surfaces 2012 (MUSOEXE-12). This observation site can offer in situ calibration data for TASI, WiDAS and L band sensor used in aerospace exp...

HiWATER: Dataset of the Chamber Soil Respiration in the middle reaches of the Heihe River Basin

During the period of middle stream experiment in 2012, closed chamber and gas chromatography method was used to measure soil respiration of different land surface, including farmland, orchard, wetland, sparse grassland (Huazhaizi), Gobi, desert.
Instrument: Assimilation Chamber
Measuring method: Assimilation chamber consists of two parts: the base and the box. Base made of PVC material, the botto...

HiWATER: Dataset of Soil respiration observed by Li-8100 in the lower reaches of the Heihe River Basin

Soil respiration observation was carried out for the typical vegetation ground in the lower reaches of the Heihe River Basin during the aviation flight experiment in 2014. The observation started on 23 July, 2014 and finished on 2 August, 2014.
1. Observation time
Days from 23 July to 2 August, 2014 (25 July, 2014 excepted)
2. Samples and observation methods
Large areas with relatively homogeneous...

HiWATER: Simultaneous Observation Dataset of Land Surface Temperature in the middle reaches of the Heihe River Basin

The aim of the simultaneous observation of land surface temperature is obtaining the land surface temperature of different kinds of underlying surface, including greenhouse film, the roof, road, ditch, concrete floor and so on, while the sensor of thermal infrared go into the experimental areas of artificial oases eco-hydrology on the middle stream. All the land surface temperature data will be us...

HiWATER: Dataset of soil respiration rate observed in the middle reaches of the Heihe River Basin

Soil respiration rate was measured at the super station of Daman irrigation district in Zhangye city using the open circuit soil carbon flux measurement system LI-8100 (LI-COR, Lincoln, NE, USA)

1) Objective:
The aim of soil respiration rate measurement is to explore the diurnal variation characteristics of soil respiration rate and to provide a scientific basis for the assessment of farmland ec...

HiWATER: Dataset of vegetation FPAR in the middle reaches of the Heihe River Basin

This dataset is the FPAR observation in the artificial oasis experimental region of the middle stream of the Heihe River Basin. The observation period is from 24 May to 19 July, 2012 (UTC+8).

Measurement instruments:
AccuPAR (Beijing Normal University)

Measurement positions:
Core Experimental Area of Flux Observation Matrix
18 corn samples, 1 orchard sample, 1 artificial white poplar sample


HiWATER: SoilNET soil moisture observation dataset in the middle reaches of the Heihe river basin

This dataset include soil moisture and soil temperature observations of 50 SoilNET Nodes during June 2012~March 2013 (UTC+8), which located in a MODIS pixel in the observation matrix of the HiWATER artificial oasis eco-hydrology experimental area, and aim to capture the spatial-temporal variance at the ~100 m scale. Each SoilNET node observe the soil moisture and soil temperature at 4 cm, 10 cm, 2...

HiWATER: Dataset of BRDF observations in the middle reaches of the Heihe River Basin

This dataset includes the BRF observations of the corn in the Daman site (100.372° E, 38.855° N) on 29-6-2012) and the desert site around the airport (100.700° E, 38.762° N) acquired on 8-7-2012.
Instruments: SVC-HR1024 from IRSA, reference board from IRSA, the multi-angular auto-observing shelf developed by BNU
Measurement methods: we measure the BRF in the unit of observing plane, i.e. fix the ...