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Validation of WRF model on simulating forcing data for Heihe River Basin



The research of coupling WRF(Weather Research and Forecasting Model)with a land surface model is enhanced to explore the interaction of the atmosphere and land surface;however,regional applicability of WRF model is questioned.In order to do the validation of WRF model on simulating forcing data for the Heihe River Basin,daily meteorological observation data from 15 sta-tions of CMA(China Meteorological Administration)and hourly meteorological observation data from seven sites of WATER(Watershed Airborne Telemetry Experimental Research)are used to compare with WRF simulations,with a time range of a whole year for 2008.Results show that the average MBE(Mean Bias Error)of daily 2-m surface temperature,surface pressure,2-m rela-tive humidity and 10-m wind speed were-0.19 °C,-4.49 hPa,4.08% and 0.92 m/s,the average RMSE(Root Mean Square Error)of them were 2.11 °C,5.37 hPa,9.55% and 1.73 m/s,and the average R(correlation coefficient)of them were 0.99,0.98,0.80 and 0.55,respectively.The average MBE of hourly 2-m surface temperature,surface pressure,2-m relative humidity,10-m wind speed,downward shortwave radiation and downward longwave were-0.16 °C,-6.62 hPa,-5.14%,0.26 m/s,33.0 W/m2 and-6.44 W/m2,the average RMSE of them were 2.62 °C,17.10 hPa,20.71%,2.46 m/s,152.9 W/m2 and 53.5 W/m2,and the average R of them were 0.96,0.97,0.70,0.26,0.91 and 0.60,respectively.Thus,the following conclusions were obtained:(1)regardless of daily or hourly validation,WRF model simulations of 2-m surface temperature,surface pressure and relative humidity are more reliable,especially for 2-m surface air temperature and surface pressure,the values of MBE were small and R were more than 0.96;(2)the WRF simulating downward shortwave radiation was relatively good,the average R between WRF simulation and hourly observation data was above 0.9,and the average R of downward longwave radiation was 0.6;(3)both wind speed and rainfall simulated from WRF model did not agree well with observation data.


  • forcing data
  • Heihe River Basin
  • watershed airborne telemetry experimental research
  • weather research and forecasting model


Pan XD, Li X. Validation of WRF model on simulating forcing data for Heihe River Basin. Sciences in Cold and Arid Regions, 2011, 3(4): 344-357, doi: 10.3724/SP.J.1226.2011.00344.

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